How to Make $1,328.61 Daily From Affiliate Marketing, Without Knowing a Thing About SEO and Without Even Building a List!

Tired of Seeing EVERYONE ELSE Crush it With Affiliate Marketing, But Not You?

Let This 'Under The Radar' Marketer Show You How He Easily Ranks His Product Review Sites In The Top 3 Of Google Fast, For Free, Without Ever Paying For Traffic!

There are 2 lies that have been perpetuated by so many ‘gurus’ that most of us, in the affiliate marketing industry, simply accept as gospel.

You’re curious right now, aren't you? And so you should be!

The 2 lies are:

  1. You need to pay for traffic to your promotions and product review sites
  2. You need to be an expert at search engine optimization (SEO) if you don’t want to pay for traffic

Just like you, I also believed these lies……Until I noticed an unassuming, quiet affiliate marketer, who promoted my very first product and showed up on my Top 10 Affiliate Leaderboard after ONE day, driving loads of SALES & PROFITS for both of us! Yet unlike my other Top Affiliates, he did this with NO LIST!!!! And.....

  • Without paying for advertising or traffic
  • Without optimizing any website for Google search

And when I dug a little deeper I found, that Amir was making commissions from multiple launches all at the same time. All on Complete Autopilot.

And these were adding up to Massive Daily Profits!

By ranking affiliate Reviews to the top of google over and Over again

proof of system:

As you might be aware, I create and sell products online, and I tend to know all the people who sign up to promote my products.

I make a point of contacting all my affiliates and thanking them for helping my business make money.

However, this guy was like a ghost! I’d never even seen or heard of him before, and yet here he was, selling my products consistently……I just couldn’t work out how he was doing it!

I resolved to find out who he was, and then get him to reveal his secrets!

But before we continue, I want to ask you one simple question – please be honest when answering…

Are you making the kind of money you want with affiliate marketing?

If you are, that’s amazing!

But if you’re not, unfortunately, you are actually in the majority 🙁

Over 98.4% Affiliate Marketers NEVER Make Money As An Affiliate, With Over HALF Actually Losing Money On Paid Traffic

Now, I urge you not to feel like you don’t have what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer.

But it really isn’t as simple as just sending traffic to offers and boom! 6 figure income!

The truth is, all traffic is not equal.

As an affiliate you need to make sure that your traffic is laser-targeted to your offers.

THIS is the reason most people fail as an affiliate marketer.

We’re kept in the dark about the fact that we need to generate the RIGHT traffic, and not just any old traffic.

And, Up Until Now, The Only Way To Generate The Right, Laser-Targeted Traffic Is To Become An Expert On Paid Traffic, Or SEO

My name is Craig Crawford and yes, I know exactly how you feel.

Just 4 short years ago, I was in exactly the same situation as you are probably in right now.

I also got into affiliate marketing, all starry eyed. I too bought one course after another, eager to learn. I too realized that the only way to make GOOD money as an affiliate was to become amazing at search engine optimization, or become a paid traffic expert.

Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to build a successful affiliate business, and I’ve generated over $4m over the last 4 years.

Many are not so lucky, and give up on their dreams of making money online.

So you can understand why, when I found out there was someone promoting my product as an affiliate, WITHOUT using complicated SEO techniques or paid traffic, I had to find out how they were doing it!

I knew that this person could hold the key to the success of all struggling affiliate marketers out there, who don’t have time to learn tedious SEO, or don’t want to risk their hard earned money on paid traffic.

I contacted Amir, and asked him how he was generating $100-$1000 in daily commissions, without spending a penny on paid traffic, or spending any time at all optimizing his review sites for Google.

Amir explained how he had been trying to make money online since 2011. He was tired of his day job, working 8-10 hours a day, sick of the rat race, and yearned to make a good income online.

But, like most people, he was held back by family and friends, who believed that he should live a ‘normal’ life of graduating from a good college, finding a good job, and working for someone else.

They were utterly convinced he would fail!

But Amir knew he did not want to live his life working in some humdrum job until he retired.

He decided on affiliate marketing, for the reason most of us choose it; no product creation.

  • Just like you and me, he thought this would the ‘easier’ route to making a great income online.
  • Just like you and me, he bought course after course, absorbing as much knowledge as he could.
  • Just like you and me, he realized that the only way to make it in affiliate marketing is to find laser-targeted traffic.
  • Just like you and me, he realized he needed to become an expert on SEO (which could take years!) or risk losing money learning about paid traffic.

Amir was about to give up………….until, very unexpectedly, he struck gold.

By accident, he had uncovered a covert route to targeted traffic that required next to no SEO skills or paid traffic skills!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • You feel frustrated with how complex and downright boring learning SEO is, and you wish there was a faster, simpler route to ranking your affiliate sites at the top of Google search
  • You feel scared of losing hard-earned cash on paying for traffic that simply does not convert
  • You fear being stuck in the ‘counting every cent’ salary to salary nightmare until you retire, hating each Monday morning with absolute vengeance
  • You secretly dread having to tell your loved ones that you can’t provide them with what they need, which in turn make you feel like a failure

I know all this because I’ve felt exactly like this, and so has Amir.

So, can you understand why I could hardly contain my excitement when I discovered that Amir had found a way to make thousands in affiliate commissions, without learning overly complicated SEO techniques, or spending his hard-earned cash on paid advertising?!

 Please remember, despite the fact that Amir now owns a hugely successful affiliate business, and he’s seen as an authority on the subject, he’s absolutely no different to you.

He’s just an ordinary guy who was persistent in ‘cracking the affiliate code.’

That being said……..I really don’t want you to have to go through all the frustration, months of consuming content, and taking financial risks, like Amir did.

Which is why I’m beyond excited to share exactly how Amir makes $1000+ commissions on a daily basis, using his own unique non-paid traffic and non-complicated SEO method, that has never been revealed in any other product on the market………

….so you can rinse and repeat what works in your affiliate business, 100%!

This Is The Breakthrough That All Struggling Affiliate Marketers Have Been Searching For!


Emperor De Affiliates

Emperor De Affiliates is the first COMPLETE affiliate marketing 'Step-by-Step’ PDF + Video Training course where you literally watch over Amir’s shoulders, and copy your way to making $1000+ in daily affiliate commissions, by ranking your product review sites in the top 3 positions on Google, WITHOUT paying for it, or being an SEO pro!

Not only that, Amir will also show you a secret way to spy on your competitors, and legally steal their methods, so you outrank them on Google, every single time!

Whether you’re a complete wet-behind-the-ears newbie, or an established affiliate marketer, this is essential viewing.

  • You do NOT need any technical expertise
  • You do NOT need to work long hours
  • You do NOT need to create your own products
  • You do NOT need to learn overly complicated SEO techniques
  • You do NOT have to go through a long, convoluted course
  • You do NOT need to spend a fortune on paid traffic
  • You do NOT have to wait weeks or months to see the results

And you will NEVER feel confused and frustrated again – now, Amir can show you exactly how he uses completely free traffic to make a 6 figure income online.

  • Imagine not spending months learning how to optimize a website for Google, only for Google to change their algorithms once again, and you’re back to square one.
  • Imagine not risking your hard earned money on all the trial and error needed to learn about paid advertising.
  • Imagine learning how to rank any product review site into the top 3 positions on Google, creating a flood of traffic to your promotions, and making an autopilot income of $100-1000+ per day (just absorb the information in this to-the-point, no fluff, no hype, actionable course).
  • Imagine being able to ‘rinse and repeat’ with as many product review sites as you like, and building a scalable, lucrative, long-term affiliate business.
  • Imagine having all the time in the world for family, hobbies, travel (Amir has recently had a son, and he feels completely blessed that he can watch his son grow up, unlike most overworked dads!)

Once you get your hands on Emperor De Affiliates, you’ll no longer be wasting time with convoluted SEO tricks (when simple ones will do), or paying hand over fist on paid traffic, without knowing whether it will even convert or not.

Instead, you’ll have the complete blueprint to ranking ANY of your sites in the top 3 of Google, and you’ll also know how to spy on your competition, learn their tactics, and use their own tactics against them to outrank them on Google, every single time.

This Is How Affiliate Marketing Should Be!

Here’s what you’ll get inside Emperor De Affiliates:

How to rank on Page 1 of Google, every time

Who wants to spend time learning technical stuff? Amir shows you exactly how he can make any site soar to Page 1, without possessing any prior SEO skills, or paying for traffic.

No money wasted. No time wasted. 

THIS is the only method of finding FREE traffic that’s also laser-targeted to your offers, so you can make thousands per day in commissions.

How to find the best affiliate products to promote with amazing conversions

It’s all very well showing you how to rank on Page 1 of Google, but if you’re picking terrible affiliate offers, you’ll never make a lot of money.

Amir has already thought of this, and will show you EXACTLY how he goes about picking offers to promote.

Offers that are evergreen, so that you can create a true ‘autopilot business’ and live your life, instead of staring at a screen for hours a day – just copy what he does, and then rinse and repeat!

Competition research template

This is how you spy on all your competition, find out exactly what they are doing to rank on Google, and then use their own methods against them.

Amir will show you how to easily see what your competition is up to, so you can outrank them and legally ‘steal’ their affiliate commissions!

Over-the-shoulder video training, with a PDF reference book 

Amir is aware how the VAST majority of affiliate courses out there never give you the full picture, and leave you in the dark with many unanswered questions.

He knows exactly what this feels like, and he has decided to create a complete course where you can literally copy and paste what he does, no stone unturned.

This isn’t a boring, packed-full-of-theory course. Watch Amir set up his campaigns in real time, rank his sites on Google, and then watch as his commissions roll in. Just copy and paste…….and then rinse and repeat!


Amir’s exact arsenal of tools & resources

Amir wants to make sure that there is nothing standing in the way of you and success. So he has put together a package of everything he uses to pull $100-1000+ per day in commissions, so you have them all at your fingertips to deploy instantly.

What else would you like to do with your time?

 Instead of getting your head around convoluted SEO tactics, or getting that sinking feeling in your stomach again because you’ve blown money on paid traffic that simply didn’t convert?

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what other respected marketers are saying about Emperor De Affiliates

Let’s be honest, you could pass on this offer today and continue trying to make affiliate marketing work, by spending money on doing lots of trial and error on paid traffic, or spending months trying to get your head around intricate, high-level SEO tactics.

OR you can let Amir show you how he selects ‘perfect’ can’t-fail affiliate offers, places them onto a review site, and then gets it to rank in the top 3 of Google search.

Just ‘marry’ the two up for instant $100-1000+ pay days ……can it get any simpler??

You’re going to love Emperor De Affiliates, but, not only will you finally have access to highly targeted FREE traffic, AND the key to affiliate offers that convert like mad, when you join me today you'll also Get FREE Access to These Unique Bonuses


There are some successful affiliate marketers that never build an email list. But they are few and far between……..

Most successful affiliate marketers know the power of using other people’s products to build their own email lists, so they can then send even more product offers to the same people.

It’s up to you whether you build an email list using the techniques Amir shows you in Emperor De Affiliates, but I certainly recommend that you do!

So, because I want you to make as much money as possible, I’ve put together a complete ‘email marketing 101’ course.

Email Marketing Excellence is a short (under 60 pages) course which explains, in layman’s terms, how to go from a complete standing still position to an email marketing pro.

Trust me, there is nothing more exciting than checking your emails to find that you have made a ton of sales overnight. 🙂


Perhaps you are a seasoned marketer, and you know exactly how to write emails to a list that makes subscribers want to buy your offers again and again.

But, if you’re a newbie, you’re probably thinking, “This is just beyond me!”

To help you with your email campaigns, you’ll get 300+ PROVEN email marketing sequences that you can simply load into your auto responder and make sales ALL YEAR long.

Just add in your promotion details and links to the pre-written copy, and fire them off!

The added bonus here is that, as you are getting email sequences that are proven to convert on a sky-high level, you’re also learning, the proper structure of writing converting sales emails as you deploy them.

Soon, you’ll be writing your own profit making sales emails like a pro!


Here’s a secret. Real email marketing success does not come from bombarding your email list with one offer after another.

In fact, some of the most successful affiliate marketers out there, making at least 6 figures online, may only promote 2-5 products in a whole year!

How? They have an amazing relationship with their email subscribers.

In other words, many of their emails to their lists are not selling anything at all. Instead, they are giving away valuable content for free, which in turn makes their subscribers feel warmth, rapport and trust towards them.

Smart affiliate marketers know that relationship building emails can actually be more important than sales emails.

However, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, just like sales emails, writing content-based relationship building emails can be daunting.

To remove all the stress, here’s 150+ PROVEN content emails, in valuable, sought after topics such as list building, finding profitable niches, time management etc.

This is hot, current content that really positions you as an authority in the eyes of your subscribers.

And it’s all ready for you to plug into your auto responder and send out!

Basically, right now you have just 2 choices to make:

Emperor De Affiliates

Use Coupon Code EDA2OFF for a $2 Discount

So, the all important question, how much?

What would it be worth to you to receive a secret, FREE route to making a killing in affiliate commissions?

What would it be worth to you to never having to go through all the trial and error of paid advertising, as well as having your pockets emptied in the process?

What would it be worth to you to learn simplified yet powerful SEO tactics (tactics that don't require you to have a degree in IT to get your head around)?

What would it be worth to you to have a proven affiliate marketer hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how he ranks his review sites on Google, without spending a dime, and then waits for $100-1000+ daily commissions to roll into his bank account?

$1,000? $2,000? More?

Of course I’m not going to charge anything like that!

I had originally decided to charge $67 and I genuinely believe that’s incredible value.

But, call me crazy, I’ve decided to offer it at the ridiculously low price But, call me crazy, I’ve decided to offer it at the ridiculously low price.

You’ve got to agree, that’s an incredibly low cost for getting your hands on the only simplified SEO and non-paid traffic affiliate method you’ll ever need!

What's the catch??

 Why am I giving you access to Amir’s affiliate strategy for less than the cost of 2 months of Netflix?

Well, for one simple reason.


I know the biggest roadblock to people, just like you, getting into affiliate marketing, is the fact that you need to either:

  • Dip your hands into your pockets and learn paid advertising (very daunting, especially if you’re a newbie, and you’re not entirely sure what you are doing), or
  • Get your head around the intricacies of SEO (even the smartest of us can get bamboozled by this!)


If I can hand you a covert way of making lucrative affiliate commissions, WITHOUT needing to take the time to learn complicated SEO techniques, or spending money on paid advertising…………that means more people who will promote my products and build my business……..just like Amir!

I dream of having an army of ‘Amirs’ all out there promoting my products (and other people’s products), helping me build my business, whilst also making an awesome 6 figure income for themselves!

It’s a true win-win situation.

I genuinely want to see you succeed online, and this is the only strategy I’ve ever come across where you can make a killing as an affiliate, without spending a dime, or spending months learning SEO.

I really believe that anyone can succeed in affiliate marketing, when you have the twin roadblocks of paying for traffic and learning complicated SEO completely eliminated.

If You’re SERIOUS About FINALLY Making The Kind Of Affiliate Commissions You Deserve, Then Get Your Hands On Emperor De Affiliates Today


This really is a complete no brainer. But, in case there’s just a tiny bit of doubt left in your mind, I'm going to remove ALL the risk!

You're totally protected by my 30 day money-back guarantee:

30 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked “Cannot Lose” Guarantee

Download Now and Risk $0.00

If you apply what we teach in Emperor De Affiliates and you still can't make more than your investment back, simply contact our support team, with proof that you applied the training, within 30 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. In fact, we’d be too embarrassed to keep your money!

PLUS you get to keep the video course, PDF reference book and all the resources.

No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever – You either get results with Emperor De Affiliates or you get your money back.

Emperor De Affiliates

Use Coupon Code EDA2OFF for a $2 Discount

By now, you can appreciate the GENUINE VALUE-FOR-MONEY you'll enjoy...

Emperor De Affiliates [$297 value]

PLUS: Email Marketing Excellence [$47 value]

PLUS: Pre-Written Autoresponder Sales Email Swipes [$67 value]

PLUS: Pre-Written Autoresponder Relationship Email Swipes [$67 value]


That’s a real value of $478!

And you have my 30 day cast iron money-back guarantee.

In fact, the only way you can lose is by doing nothing. Remember, I can only make this offer because I’m so confident that you can easily replicate Amir’s phenomenal success!

To take advantage of my exclusive invite, click the Buy button now...

Emperor De Affiliates

Use Coupon Code EDA2OFF for a $2 Discount

Don’t miss this opportunity to get access to the only strategy you need to crush it in affiliate marketing TODAY.

Imagine knowing:

  • exactly what offers to promote,
  • putting these offer onto a simple review site
  • using a simple strategy that places the site into the top 3 on Google

…..which unleashes a flood of visitors who buy your affiliate products........that’s what happens when you use Amir’s Emperor De Affiliates strategy!

Remember, you may never see this offer again. Click the Buy button now...


Emperor De Affiliates

Use Coupon Code EDA2OFF for a $2 Discount

P.S. This is a limited offer. Let me show you how Amir manages to make $100-1000+ affiliate commission per day, WITHOUT paying a dime for traffic, or having any prior knowledge of SEO. You’ve already seen concrete proof that Amir’s system works, and you too could be making over $1000 per DAY– Get access to Emperor De Affiliates now by clicking the Buy button above.

P.P.S. Just a reminder, you could skip over this offer, but then you'll stay right where you are now, worried about wasting money on paid traffic that doesn’t work, or getting all frustrated trying to get your head around SEO. Let me help you get rid of all of that. Remember, you are protected by my Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee. Try Emperor De Affiliates today and start achieving the results you deserve right NOW.

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